From July 10th to 16th in Ponte di Legno (BS) took place the Italian Roller Championships 2017.

Edea skaters are more and more and all of them gave us lots of emotions. They got medals and gained spots for next big events: European Championships (Roana, Italia, 28/07/2017 – 06/08/2017), World Games (Wroclaw, Poland, 19/07/2017 – 24/07/2017) and World Roller Games (Nanjing, China, 29/08/2017 – 10/09/2017).

Podium results with Edea skaters.



1 Nemesio Silvia

2 Ghiroldi Letizia

3 Lambruschi Silvia



2 Sica Michele

3 Amadesi Alessandro



1 Lucaroni Luca Tarlazzi Rebecca


Solo Dance Ladies

1 Stibilj Silvia

3 Remondini Anna


Solo Dance Men

1 Morandin Daniel

2 Spigai Alessandro

3 Bassi Andrea


Solo Dance Couples

1 Morandin Daniel Remondini Anna

2 Bassi Andrea Stibilj Silvia


Junior Ladies

1 Tarlazzi Rebecca

2 Zangoli Micol

3 Bellagamba Clarissa


Junior Men

1 Sarnataro Vincenzo

2 Liberatore Alessandro


Junior Pairs

1 Rossi Federico Esposito Alice

2 Calzolari Federico Capone Sveva

3 Liberatore Alessandro Ferrentino Arianna


Junior Solo Dance Ladies

1 Orsi Alessia

2 Barguino Camilla

3 Bordon Asia


Junior Solo Dance Men

2 Rossetti Luca

3 Masiero Nicholas


Junior Dance Couples

1 Rossetti Luca Orsi Alessia

2 Da Col Edoardo Martinotti Chiara

3 Sbordone Paolo Ferrari Tania


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