From 28th July to 6th August in Roana (Italy) took place the European Artistic Roller Skating Championships Cadet, Youth, Junior and Senior 2017.

Great performances for all the skaters competing at Pala Robaan, but let’s have a look at the names of Edea Skaters landed on podiums!


Thank you all for another fantastic championship! See you in Nanjing!

#edeaskates #edeafamily

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Cadet Pairs

1 Micol Mills/Tommaso Stanzani

2 Angelica Bertoldi/Claudio Casini

3 Alessia Montini/Alex Bonera


Cadet Ladies Compulsory Figures

1 Alessia Donadelli


Cadet Men

2 Tommaso Stanzani

3 Edoardo Parasi


Cadet Ladies

1 Rebecca Vizzoni

2 Giada Luppi


Youth Pairs

1 Gioia Fiori/Francesco Mascia

2 Agnese Mori/Giuseppe Fusco


Youth Ladies Compulsory Figures

3 Desirée Cocchi


Youth Men Compulsory figures

2 Davide Arminchiardi

3 Matteo Penasso


Youth Men

1 Lorenzo Neri

2 Pau Garcia Domec


Youth Ladies

1 Elena Maria Termine

2 Corinne Soro Yene

3 Viola Pieroni



Junior Ladies Solo Dance

1 Asia Bordon


Junior Ladies Compulsory Figures

1 Elena Donadelli


Junior Men Compulsory Figures

2 Alessio Gangi

3 Federico Trento


Junior Men Solo Dance

3 Mattia Sforna


Junior Ladies Solo Dance

2 Asia Bordon


Junior Pairs

1 Gaia Colucci/Aldo Rrapushi

2 Arianna Ferrentino/Alessandro Liberatore


Junior Men

1 Eloi Canals Pascual

2 Federico Trento


Junior Ladies

2 Cecilia Marocchi


Senior Ladies Compulsory Figures

1 Nicolini Benedetta


Senior Men Compulsory Figures

1 Marco Santucci

3 Emanuele Marelli


Senior Ladies

1 Monica Gimeno Coma

2 Michela Cima



Senior Couples Dance

1 Anna Remondini/Daniel Morandin

3 Ana Walgode/Pedro Walgode



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