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06Sep 2017

At the top of our range we added a new stylish Designer Trolley. The sleek glossy outside hides a redesigned inside with more pockets and space and a new look front pocket. Check out more:

27Jun 2017

A new item available in Edea Accessories Collection!

The blade is one of the most important part of the skates, keeping them dry off the ice is essential. Our new Apple Green or Purple blade towels ensure maximum dryness.


26Jun 2017

The Cool Towel is specifically designed to optimize the body temperature and keep the skaters fresh during long hot training sessions. Research shows the special materials can reduce the temperature by up to 8° and thus improve performance! Find our more information here: or here:

24May 2017

Panda, Whale, Seadog, Reindeer and Mouse joined the #edeafamily! They keep your blades free from excessive moisture and protect them from rusting with a smile!

29Mar 2016

On 30.03.2016 we officially launch our new boot, the Piano. Piano is a revolution in boot design combining a new anti-shock system with increased support and an ergonomic heel lock to give the skaters the performance they’ve dreamed of. NEW ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEM: • Minimizes impact shocks • Absorbs ice chatter • Improves ice speed and […]

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