Congratulations #edeafamily on another great season!

We are excited to share with you the amazing results reached by #edeafamily skaters at ASWC 2018 in Mouillerons-Le-Captif, France!


It has been an intense and interesting experience!
A big THANK YOU to all the skaters that did their best and visited our booth and thanks to all the dealers that support the skaters all over the year, your cooperation is highly appreciated!




Junior Ladies Inline
1. Chiara Censori ITA

Senior Ladies Inline
1. Natalie Motley USA
2. Anastasia Nosova RUS
3. Serena Giraud FRA

Junior Men Inline
1. Collin Motley USA
2. Xan Rols FRA
3. Abhijith Amal Raj IND

Senior Men Inline
1. Yi-Fan Chen TPE
2. Antonio Panfili ITA

Junior Ladies Figures
1. Desirée Cocchi ITA
2. Elettra Signorini ITA

Junior Mens Figures
1. Brayan Carreño COL
2. Davide Arminchiardi ITA

Senior Ladies Figures
1. Giada Cavataio ITA

Junior Ladies Solo Dance
1. Natalia Baldizzone Morales ESP
2. Chiara Giron ARG

Junior Mens Solo Dance
1. Brayan Carreño COL
3. Giovanni Piccolantonio ITA

Senior Ladies Solo Dance
1. Silvia Stibilj ITA

Senior Mens Solo Dance
1. Ricardo Pinto POR
2. Daniel Morandin ITA
3. Alessandro Spigai ITA

Junior Ladies Freeskating
1. Rebecca Tarlazzi ITA
3. Bruna De Castro Wurts BRA

Junior Mens Freeskating
1. Pau Garcia Domeç ESP
2. Alessandro Liberatore ITA

Senior Ladies
1. Silvia Nemesio ITA
3. Silvia Lambruschi ITA

Senior Mens
1. Luca Lucaroni ITA
2. Pere Marsinyach Torrico ESP
3. Alessandro Amadesi ITA

Junior Pairs
1. Alice Esposito/Federico Rossi ITA
2. Gioia Fiori/Francesco Mascia ITA

Senior Pairs
1. Rebecca Tarlazzi/Luca Lucaroni ITA

Junior Couples Dance
1. Asya Sofia Testoni/Giovanni Piccolantonio ITA
2. Emanuele Garbolino ITA

Senior Couples Dance
1. Anna Remondini/Daniel Morandin ITA
2. Silvia Stibilj/Andrea Bassi ITA
3. Daniela Filipa Lopes Dias/José Pedro Alves Cruz POR

Small Groups
1. Roma Roller Team ITA

1. Neovis ITA

Large Groups
1. CPA Olot ESP

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