Edea VIEP Passport – Join Our Team of Champions!

Edea VIEP Passport

You’re a Very Important Edea Person, get your passport!


This year it’s not just fireworks in the UK but all over the world as Edea launch its passport program!

The Edea VIEP Passport is a red leaflet of 16 pages in English and Italian that resembles a real passport. It is also available in other languages on the Download page.

This document contains important information to ensure the maximum performance from our skates by giving advices on maintenance and certifies the authenticity of the EDEA product.

It needs to be completed by a certified and Authorized Edea Dealer exclusively when measuring and trying on the boots, except the IDENTITY area that you can fill out once you have purchased your Edea boots.

If you have recently purchased a pair of boots and you’d like to have your passport filled out by your dealer, you can download, print and visit him/her for a check. Don’t foget to bring with you the receipt! They will be happy to fill it out if you’re taking care of your skaters as we suggest.

This added service will help differentiate our boots and build the relationship with Edea, their authorized dealers and their customers.
It makes the #edeafamily more real!

Our skaters already have their Passport. Join our team of Champions!


Once you get your passport, take a picture with it and post on your socials using #edeapassport #edeaskates #edeafamily