What’s the difference between the E-Guards and traditional skateguards?

Two different worlds! The E-guards is a revolutionary blade guard created to protect edges longer. It has: The open design also allows water to drain away more quickly and effectively. the vertebrae supports the blade hollow, protecting the edges more. Wider rubberized grip and matt finish make walking easier The rubberized sole is softer and […]

Should I always use the skateguard off-ice? From the locker room to the ice is just a few meters!

Yes, always! It protects the edges of the blade and maintains its sharpness longer.

How to prolong the life of the Odor Absorbers?

When you wear your shoes, put Odor Absorbers back in the poly bag and reseal otherwise it will absorb odor and moisture from the air. When you feel your boot stay wet, it’s time to regenerate the Silica Gel. It’s one of the components of the Odor Abosorbers that absorbs moisture. Place it for a […]

There are 2 rubber bands in the E-Spinner box, which one should I use?

It depends on the surface where you train and on your power. Try both and choose the one that holds your take off. The yellow jumps band is softer for practising single jumps in a not so slippery floor. The red jump band is stronger for practising double/triple jumps in a smoother floor.

What’s the difference between Edea Spinner and E-Spinner?

The E-Spinner is created for new evolutions, with a new profile with the rotation point moved forward, mimic the blade for a more realistic feel. The rocker is taller for deep edges and you can also practise jumps. 2 take off jump bands are included to prevent slipping when you do it. The traditional Spinner […]

Where should I use the spinner?

Use the spinner on a hard, smooth but not slippery surface and be sure to have enough space around you when you try spins in various positions or jumps.

Which bag should I use to carry my skates?

That’s a personal choice but in our collection we have many different skating bags for all needs! There are skaters that prefer smaller bags like our shaped bags available in several models and colors, or Cube Bags, or backpack like the Libra Bag or the Trolley backpack, or Super Trolley for those skaters who need to […]

What’s the difference between Lace Straps and Lace Tabs?

The difference is in their design and purpose. The Lace Straps have been designed to be used while skating, it keeps your laces tidy and gives support. The Lace Tab is designed to keep the boot in shape off the ice. These are supplied with every pair of boots

What kind of socks should I wear when skating?

The thinner and snugger one. We recommend thin soft microfiber Edea socks, specifically designed for skating. Non-crease material to reduce chafing and seamless toe section to reduce rubbing and other annoying sensations during jumps. They are available in sizes S and M in Ivory, M and L in Black.