Which frame size should I choose?

Edea provides a suggested frame chart comparing with Roll Line frames,  but this is only a guide. Ask your coach if he/she has preferences. If you’re currently using another brand, note that you may need a shorter frame than the one you’re using now. We have optimized the shape of the boot and the pressure […]

Who should do the frame mounting?

Boots and frames are high-end technical sports equipment and should be mounted by professionals for your safety and for maximum performance. It’s not only about putting screws to mount boots and frames but to create something that will be part of you during the performance. Check here.

Should the frame fill in completely from heel to toe?

Not necessarily. Boot and frame have different sizes and hardly ever match. The most important thing is that the pressure points are always aligned. Learn more here

How can I know if frames have been mounted correctly? Can I use the design on the sole as reference?

The design on the sole is purely aesthetic and not a reference for assembly. The only way to check if the mounting is correct is to skate and feel aligned.  As alignment is so important, we recommend only using a professional skate technician. They have the skills, the tools and the expertise to ensure your […]

Should the technician use Edea screws?

YES, WHEN THEY DO THE QUICK MOUNTING, THEY MUST USE ONLY THE EDEA SCREWS THAT ARE SUPPLIED WITH THE BOOTS! This is because our screws are specifically designed to be compatible with our thinner soles and they are engineered to increase the hold.

Does the frame need to be fixed using all the holes?

Yes! Except for the first test mounting where only a few slots should be fixed, then we recommend fixing all the screws. Trust your technician!

Can I use any frames on Edea boots?

Yes, as long as it’s the right size, any frame model can be used on Edea boots. The mounting has to be done by a professional skate technician.

Is it possible to change the frame on an already mounted boot?

Yes, it is possible to replace the frame with a different model. Your technician knows how to fill the empty holes and make new one to fix the new frame.