22Jan 2015
eric radford

Eric Radford: How did you first get started in skating, who was you inspiration? It was Nancy Kerrigan’s Long Program at the 92 Olympics that first got me interested in Figure Skating. It looked like flying to me and when I was little I wanted to fly! What motivates you to train hard every day? […]

13Nov 2014

Laces come undone, no matter how well tied. A good workout means eventually your laces work loose.
Edea Lace Straps are specially created to keep laces tighter longer…

25Sep 2014

A new super trolley is now available. If you need to carry lots of stuff with your ice skates or two pairs of roller skates, this is the answer. Silent, easy to carry and can be your hand luggage when you fly.

23Sep 2014

Lombardia Trophy, Milan Sept. 18-21,2014 Edea on the ladies podium at Lombardia Trophy. Gold medal at Senior Lady with Satoko Miyahara from Japan and Junior Lady with Kailan Craine from Australia.