How did you first get started in skating, who was you inspiration?
My mom is my coach so I followed her to the ice rink when I was 3 years old and I fell in love with skating at once. My inspiration when I got a little bit older was Michelle Kwan, I loved her beautiful skating and her style on the ice.

What motivates you to train hard every day?
I love to challenge myself and to learn new things. I want to be the very best I can and to se how far I can go.


What do you think about in the few second before the music starts at a competition?
Just to stay focused on what I should do and to feel calm and secure.

What do you remember about your first competition?
I dont remeber that much, just that I loved competing and I wanted to skate again.

What and when do you eat before a competition?
I always eat 3-4 hours before.


Where’s your favourite city or ice rink? Why?
I don’t know, I have competed in so many beatiful places! I like competing where the arena is warm, big and bright.

Why did you choose Ice Fly, what makes them such a great skate?
They are very comfortable and so easy to break in. And I really like the style.


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