Maé-Bérénice Méité: How did you first get started in skating, who was you inspiration?
I get into figure skating at the age of 5 thanks to kindergarden ! We went there two ce a week just for fun i loved it and then asked my parents to do it more often.. Thats how everything started

What motivates you to train hard every day?
My parents , my goals and passion for that sport are my every day motivation to train even harder than i did before

What do you remember about your first competition?
I remember that i draw number one for my first competition and i was scared… Then a judge told me Yagudin draw number one and he get Olympic champion so you can do it… It gave me poWer and i won 🙂

What and when do you eat before a competition?
I prefer to eat pasta and a banana before the competition to have energy !!
Maé-Bérénice Méité
Where’s your favourite city or ice rink? Why?

My favorite city… Well in fact i love all the cities i got the chance to go to but my favourite city is New York not to live there but because of Broadway , all the musicals , dancing show , the buildings… This city never sleeps always something to discover it’s very interesting… And tiring too haha

Which is your favorite ice rink ?
My favorites Ice Rinks are in Japan… Because japanese people are just A-MA-ZING !!!!

What’s your new years resolution?
My new year resolutions are simple : achieve and believe , never give Up and work hard play hard !!! 😉

What do you think about Edea Boots?
Edeaskates boots are very comfortable first of all and they are very light and the design is very awesome with those glitters i really love them and yes i feel like im flying on the Ice !!!

Maé-Bérénice Méité

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