What can I do if laces break?

Don’t waste time knotting it, replace it immediately. Make sure you always have a spare pair in your bag.

Can I knot my laces to stop them coming out when I undo them?

No, this damages the laces and you should cut when replacing them. Simply push the lace tip back into the lace, it’s nicer and just take it out when changing laces.

The tongue is moving to the outside while I skate. What can I do?

This may indicate your boots are too big, so check again the size with your dealer. If you haven’t stored regularly with an upright tongue, this will cause issues. To remedy this store with an upright tongue. If you over-correct to the other side this will help straighten the tongue. Using the lace tabs and […]

Laces become loose while skating and I have to stop many times during my training session. What should I do?

Laces loose elasticity and need to be replaced regularly. Check if you are using the Edea lacing method as this increases hold as laces self lock at intersection. Finally, the Lace straps can help you to keep laces in order and have additional help.

Does it matter if the laces are twisted?

Yes, keep laces flat, do not let them twist as this reduces hold and wears them out.

May I use any type of laces?

Use Edea laces as they are designed for skating, with the right balance of strength and elasticity and the necessary length. Check our suggestion on proper lacing.

Which size of laces should I use?

It depends on model and sizes. Here is a chart for reference.

How often should I change my laces?

This depends on how often you skate. We find skaters who train regularly everyday change laces every 2 months when the elasticity is reduced. Don’t forget to always have a spare pair.

I tape the top of my boots, is there anything else I can do to secure laces?

The Edea Lace Straps are specially designed with an elastic middle to further prevent laces slipping while allowing good knee bend. Simply attach across the middle hooks and tuck your laces away. No more unsightly taping and restricting movement but more support!

I prefer a tight wrap at the ankle, is it ok?

No, because this works against the design of the boot reducing your performance and control. It can even lead to injury as well as damaging your boot. For more adherence, ask the Edea Authorized Dealer to shape the tendon area, you will feel more wrapped around the ankle.