Innovation. Italian style. Modern craftsmanship.

This is the essence of Edea, and is part of every skate we make.


Skating is the family blood, uniting the generations. Our Grandfather started it in his workshop making bespoke shoes for locals. The reputation of quality soon spread and so the next generation were able to build on this excellence creating a successful skate company. It was only natural that the third generation would want to continue the search for the perfect skate.
Infused with the family passion, Sabrina started her own company with its unique philosophy in search of skating perfection. After two years of intensive research and development and thanks to the support of her family and the experts the first boots hit the ice on 02/02/02.


Skating is about grace and innovation and this essence is reflected in our philosophy, our thinking and even our name.
We’ve taken the Italian for Goddess (Dea) and combined it with ideas to create our name, Edea.
We liked it right away, short, easy to remember and with a harmonious sound in all languages.


Our logo is also a fusion. It embraces the energy and movement of roller and ice. The dynamic wheels and the swishing blade together.
The colors also represent us, the black of elegance and the red of passion, the energy and movement that reflect our goal of bringing new ideas to skating.
How to pronounce Edea? [edɛa]


Everything at Edea is done in our own factory in Italy not far from Venice. From drawing board to rink our work is driven by passion, innovation and design. Being Italian means all our boots come with built-in elegance while the family history ensures the highest quality in every boot.

You choose our boots knowing they’ve been cared for right from the start. From the innovation on the drawing board, the care of skilled craftsmen during manufacture through to the careful packing ready to ship superior skates to the world. The essence of Edea is in every box. Welcome to a better skating world!


Skaters are always moving, pushing the art of the possible. Your spins, twizzles and jumps are our research, development and testing. New materials, technology and thinking means the impossible is just an idea away. This constant search for perfection means we stay ahead of the ordinary. At Edea we concentrate on the future so you can focus on performance.  We want your dreams come real…..