Size matters

Size makes the difference in the control of the edges, in the execution of jumps and spins, in the speed of transitions. With only 4mm to balance on, accuracy is paramount. Size really matters.


Simply measuring the length is not enough. The fitting process is more than that. It is about width, understanding your needs and your feet as every foot is different. Yes, even your left and right!


Edea have identified 3 stages in choosing your new boots:

and for children there is the extra dimension to size. Read more.


We get lots of feedback and questions from skaters about getting the right size, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Can I just use my sneaker size?

No! Sneakers are designed for flex, they do a completely different job. A skate is designed to hold your foot in place. Sneakers are sized differently for each country and by each brand. Edea uses millimeters to give the accuracy needed for performance.

Can I just check my friend’s boots, we are the same size?

No! Everyone’s feet are actually slightly different. The memory foam will be shaped for them. By checking their boots you may think they’re too short when they are too narrow or vice versa. Sometimes, the pressure points don’t match and so the right size can feel wrong. Always size with new boots.

Can I just take one size up from my old Edea boots?

No! Growth is not uniform and can vary in a year. The changes are not always proportional. Sometimes skaters have been compensating for big boots by over tightening laces and deforming boots so it’s always best to get measured.

Can I just use my size from another brand?

No! Edea boots are designed differently for performance and so fit differently. To get the maximum performance we recommend getting measured.

Can I just use the size comparison on the box?

No! These sizes are for reference only. Use one of the three sizing methods. For the best fit, nothing beats the personal touch so pop down to your local Edea dealer.


Apart from the general feeling when you skate, your old boot can tell you if you have the right size, from the insole, to the creases, to the shape. Find out more what each means.