I’m going to change the model, should I keep the same size or do the sizes and fit vary according to models?

Sizing and fit are constant across the range, although different padding may give a slightly different feel. This means you can simply swap models, but we recommend using your Authorized Edea dealer to check size and fit for each new pair.  Attention ! If you change the range of collections, going from ice to roller […]

Can I wear a bunga pad or other type of padding in Edea boots?

Edea boots are anatomically shaped and padded, designed to give extra lateral support so bunga pads should not be necessary. Remember, Edea boots can be adjusted to your feet using Instant Custom Fit. However, if you want to wear a bunga pad this is not an issue.

I have orthotics in my running shoes, should I use orthotics also in my skates? Can I use the same orthotics? Should I choose my skates one size bigger to make sure the orthotics can fit?

You should check with a medical professional regarding orthotics. Shoes and skates have different roles and so orthotics cannot be swapped. If you already have skate orthotics, please bring them to your fitting. If not, size without orthotics. Your medical professional can then create orthotics for your skates. In any case, the size of the skates must […]

My boots have already been stretched but still feel too tight. Can they be shaped again?

Yes, boots can be adjusted many times, although once or twice should give the perfect fit. Check with your local dealer for Instant Custom Fit.

Checking the insole, there’s white margin at the front but I feel my boots are too small. What should I do?

The innersole is the best indicator of size. If there are issues, it is probably one of 2 issues. New boots: you may need some custom shaping to get the perfect fit. Check with your dealer. Old boots: if you do not unlace boots can become narrower or suffer from Aladdin’s tip. If this is […]

How can I check if I currently have the correct size?

Your boots can tell you a lot. Find out more here.

My feet are narrow/wide/different. How can I find out if Edea fit? On the website we cannot find the measurements.

Numbers only relate to size, fitting is more complicated than that, which is why we recommend going to your nearest Edea dealer. If you can’t get to a store, dealers can help with remote sizing, see here for details.

Which width should I buy?

90% of skaters use C width but narrower and wider options are available in our ice and inline collection. The key in skates is the heel pocket which holds the heel in place. Larger widths also mean larger heel pockets. An Authorized Edea Dealer will be able to offer the best advice and using Instant […]

If I have boots too big, is it ok to use 2 pairs of socks?

Firstly it is always advisable to buy the right size. Thick socks or 2 pairs of cotton socks (a material that stretches and moves freely) can move around your foot, creating blisters or rubbing and less security. For skaters whose feet are still growing, Edea recommends no more than 10mm growth room. This means by […]

Can I compare shoe sizes with boot sizes?

Shoe size is only a rough guide, at best a starting point. Shoes are designed to flex whereas skates are designed to keep your foot still in the perfect position. A fitting with an Edea dealer will ensure the best fit and the ultimate in performance.