What’s the difference between quad roller skating boots and ice skating boots?

  • Roller boots have perforated sole and upper to allow ventilation. When you’re on the ice, this would allow water and moisture to go inside the boots and freeze your toes, so we do not recommend it;
  • Roller boots have flat sole to match the frame that is also flat, while blade plates have inclined front and so ice skating boots;
  • Comparing roller and ice boots made for the same level (single, double, triple jumps), ice skating boots are stiffer. This is because to control a 4mm large blade you need a stiff boot while to control a 10cm large roller frame, a softer boot is enough, otherwise you won’t lean on edges.
  • Roller boots have a different fitting, wider than ice.

Due to the different volume and inclination fit change, please check carefully your size.