Skating is a sport about expression, where art meets performance. It is not only technique but style. This expression needs style, and style is what Italians do.

From a country of history, culture and beauty; renowned for its superior craftsmanship and luxury designs, comes Edea figure skating boots with their refined style and incredible performance.


Being Italian style comes naturally, being skaters we knew what we wanted. Being designers, we knew how to combine the two. Innovation in design, materials and construction gives you the advantage. Technology gives performance and the stylish elegant lines add grace to your movements.


Entirely handmade in Italy, every boot is a unique masterpiece created by 144 hands. Everyone here has imbued each boot with their own passion and expertise. Their craft is in every box waiting for you to make the magic happen.


Edea 100% Made in Italy means sophistication that other competitors cannot match.


Edea 100% Made in Italy means natural style and superior craftsmanship.


Edea 100% Made in Italy means designed, created and hand-made at our factory in the Prosecco hills, near Venice.


Choose Edea, choose performance, choose style, #skatethedream