Crisp edges for perfect balance

Roller skating is all about performance. Performance is all about feel. Feel starts with the boots. Edeas have designed boots for performance.

Edea have changed the game. We wanted a boot that allowed the skater to express themselves to feel the adrenaline of performance and the joy of perfection. We wanted the skates to be the perfect extension of your body. Power, feeling and control that work with the body were the elements Edea identified in the perfect boot.


Four elements combine to deliver this excellence.

Responsive footbed for power

The foot needs a solid and secure base and the skater needs efficient power transmission. Through design and material, Edea have increased the speed and power in transmission, shortening response time.

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The innovative footbed and sole combination is the key. The honeycomb structure, made from nylon and glass fiber, makes it lighter and stronger while at the same time increasing power transmission giving greater sensitivity and control.


By using a combination of nylon and fiber materials the lightness has been given strength and the transmission of power increased giving greater sensitivity and control.
The advances in design and materials means not only stronger and lighter but thinner with a lower center of gravity.

Innovative sole for more natural position

The Freedom range has a new more upright position that works with you to maximize performance.

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The new position means your skates react more quickly to your movements. To do this we have created a specially shaped sole which raises your toes to give the better position. The small change in the center of gravity gives you a quicker change of edges, more solid landings and increased stability. Feel the speed.

Arched heel for control

The improved heel design increases thrust transmission by distributing the power over a longer axis directing more power to the edges of the frame.

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Edea were inspired by Roman aqueducts whose arches have stood the test of time.


A long arch distributes weight more uniformly, spreading the load. Edea’s longer heel supports the skater over up to half the length of the foot which increases the feel of the boot.


This is very noticeable in the execution of spins, steps sequences and in the landing of jumps where stability gives greater control over the blade’s edge, allowing quicker, smoother transitions.

Fly 2023 - Edea Skates

Formed structure for improved foot adhesion and proper alignment

The anatomical shape of the boot structure gives optimal lateral support. It works with your body to allow the perfect ankle/knee/hip alignment and allow a great frontal flexibility thanks to the tongue construction.

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Design innovation keeps the foot stable and secure and gives a wider range of motion than a traditional boot. It also means there is no need to strangle the ankle to give that secure feeling.
This anatomical structure is created using special thermoformable materials, so materials are shaped with heat and set with cold. The materials absorb and cushion upon impact, and being flexible and durable offer increased resistance to deformation.
To avoid pressure points (especially on the ankle), we use high memory padding for ultimate comfort. Our boots do not need to be heated or shaped to be worn, they are designed to be ready to go from the moment they come out of the box!

Greater feel

Improved control and sensitivity for performance.