Ice boot

Can I use my Edea ice boot to a roller boot for inline or quad skating?

Yes, you can easily use it for Inline, while for quads it might be a little bit stiff, but it depends on the state. For mounting the frame, we recommend that you contact your Edea Authorized Dealer who will have to adapt a curved ice boot to the roller flat frame.

Are Edea ice skating boots vegan or in real leather?

In our ice skating collection we have both vegan models and some in real leather. Tempo, Wave, Ice Fly and Piano are vegan and cruelty free, while Motivo, Overture, Chorus, Concerto and Flamenco Ice are still in leather.

What’s the difference between white and black boots in terms of size and fit?

There is no difference. Sizes and widths of white version are the same of black’s ones. Therefore, if the black version is not available in the store, you can easily try on the white one.

Is it possible to order Edea boots in tan color?

At the moment, we only have one model in tan color, the Showgirl. This model is available only through our US distributor Skates US.

Which models are available for synchro skaters?

Synchro skaters love all our models, from Overture to Piano, according to their level. The most used at high level are Ice Fly, Concerto and Flamenco Ice.

Which model is designed for ice dance?

It’s the Flamenco Ice. This model is specifically designed for ice dancers who need to show long leg line and point their toes, but with the comfort of any other Edea boot. It offers excellent lateral and front support and the ‘Dual sole’ makes skating smoother.

What’s the difference between Ice Fly and Piano?

Both models have been designed for triple / quadruple jumps level, but have slightly different support and features. Piano has integrated the anti-shock system and a more compact structure. It’s on the feet of the most powerful skaters. Ice Fly has the ‘Dual sole’ to dampen the vibrations of the ice and a more flexible […]

What’s the difference between Concerto and Ice Fly?

Both models were designed for triple / quadruple jumps, but have slightly different features. Ice Fly has a new look, a quick-drying inner lining, is more padded and with a more flexible structure and tongue. It’s on the feet of those who want to bend more. Concerto has a traditional look with a snug structure […]

I’m about to learn double jumps, can I use Ice Fly?

If you’re still learning double jumps, e.g. you land 2T, 2S but still struggling with all others, the Chorus model is still for you. If you already have all solid double jumps, learning 2A, you can upgrade to Ice Fly. Do not be fooled by its comfort, the padding hides a support structure suitable only […]

What’s the difference between Tempo and Wave?

Both models are for beginners. Tempo has a traditional look, white smooth upper, brown sole and heel. It is designed for the skater learning basic figures up to single jumps. Wave has a captivating look, with 3D white upper, white heel and golden outsole. It reminds the boot of champions! It is a slightly more […]