Roller boot

Are Edea roller skating boots vegan?

Yes! All our roller boot collection is vegan and cruelty free!

What’s the difference between white and black boots in terms of size and fit?

There is no difference. Sizes and widths of white version are the same of black’s ones. Therefore, if the black version is not available in the store, you can easily try on the white one or the other way round.

What’s the difference between quad roller skating boots and ice skating boots?

Roller boots have perforated sole and upper to allow ventilation. When you’re on the ice, this would allow water and moisture to go inside the boots and freeze your toes, so we do not recommend it; Roller boots have flat sole to match the frame that is also flat, while blade plates have inclined front […]

Which model do you recommend for jam skating/Rhythm dance?

Jam/Rhythm dance skaters love the Classica black model with Fluo laces!

Which boots should I use for inline?

The Inline technique is very similar to ice skating technique so we recommend choosing the model that best suits your needs among the ice skating collection. Choose here.

Which models are designed for solo dance/dance/show groups?

For these disciplines we have Classica and Flamenco. Designed in two different stiffnesses, with a lowered rear profile for dancers who need to show long leg lines and point their toes, but with the comfort of any other Edea boot.

I’m about to learn double jumps, can I use Fly?

If you’re still learning double jumps, e.g. you land 2T, 2S but still struggling with all others, the Ritmo model is still for you. If you already have all solid double jumps, learning 2A, you can upgrade to Fly. Do not be fooled by its comfort, the padding hides a support structure suitable only for […]

I’m a roller beginner, which model should I choose?

We have a specific model for beginners, the Esordio. It’s comfortable, ventilated and includes all the Edea tech features. The choice of wheels depends on the floor, so contact your Authorized Edea Dealer to get the complete set suitable for your needs.