John Wilson – Gold Seal

The definitive free skating blade designed for the optimum performance

The original-often imitated, never successfully duplicated. Made in England.


High quality carbon steel HRC 58 heat treated blade to keep the edges sharp. Chrome finish


The hollow ground feature provides a power increasing flex of the blade which enables the skater to command their edges more accurately.


Tapered feature give the skater increased bite in the take-off/landing section of the blade while providing maximum glide per stroke.


High stanchions allow for a broader range of clearance before the boot contacts the ice.


Solids sole plates give the skater a more intimate connection with the blade.


Rocker 3 segments radii to experiencing effortless spins, control in their footwork sequences and edge jumps..
Primary rocker at 8’’ for great responsiveness, aggressive secondary rocker


Professional cross-cut toe picks for better bite


Radius Of Hollow 7/16″ for great footwork and deep edges


Size range: 8″ – 12″ (1/4″ increments)

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