Skaters demand the impossible, high-end performance and comfort for long sessions. Edea designers have created this seemingly impossible blend.

The magic of skating is all about grace, elegance and fluidity but that conceals the great physical effort required. That’s why we choose only the best materials to offer a superior skating experience to all Edea skaters. However performance is only half the equation.
Skaters need to be able to train for long sessions developing their skills. This means the boots must be comfortable. The challenge was to combine the needed  technical performance and the comfort for long sessions. You wanted the comfort of your favourite sneakers combined with the peak in performance.


With 19 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints and 107 ligaments, the foot is a complicated structure. Edea’s advanced design captures the anatomy of the foot, so boot and foot can work in perfect harmony to maximize performance.
After extensive research we have developed unique lasts for shells shaped to support without pressure points for real comfort.

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This innovation continues throughout the production process and materials. We use tri-foil thermoforming materials made from elastomeric polymers. This means boots can be shaped anatomically during production and then maintain the perfect shape when cooled.
Thermoforming materials means boots can be adjusted by trained technicians in your local shop to give an even more perfect fit for your feet.
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Edea memory foam padding gives the ultimate in comfort.

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Memory foam is a versatile and durable material that forms around the natural curves of your foot. Its high density properties means it is resilient and holds its shape giving you the perfect fit every time.
Memory foam allows small micro movements of the foot improving your control and feel while giving greater comfort.
Memory foam’s open cell materials also makes it quick drying which Edea combine with air-tech microfiber lining so your boots dry more quickly slowing the build-up of bacteria.
Edea design the padding specifically to support the ankle and hold the heel in place, feel the hug as you perform.


Skating means movement, muscles and tendons must be able to move freely and precisely.

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Hundreds of hours of research have resulted in precisely engineered lines designed for flex and hold and a new sense of freedom in your skating.
The rear profile is designed with an incline to shift the skater’s center of gravity slightly forward. This innovative design means your feet are held in a “prepared” position making skating more effortless.
The upper profile is designed to follow the natural lines of the leg. This increases the range of movement and gives increased lateral support.
The advantage you will feel is huge


The anatomically shaped boot provides lateral support allowing Edea to redesign the tongue to increase movement range and improve the foot position. By complementing natural movements, Edea’s tongue reduces strain and the risk of injury.

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Edea’s innovative tongue is made from two separate parts, creating a unique double curvature. The longitudinal curve supports the leg while bending, the transverse curve wraps the instep for better comfort.
Additionally while the tongue design increases flexibility, the shell gives lateral support making the boot more durable.
The rigidity of the tongue determines the flexibility and varies in different models.
Entry-level models have a slightly thinner tongue that wraps the foot more softly, while the advanced and elite-level models have a more rigid and supportive tongue for intensive training sessions.


Finally, the tab is carefully positioned at ankle level in order to prevent the tongue from moving around. In high performance models there is an additional tab at the tip to reduce pressure on the toes.


In the high performance models to protect the tendons and the leg soft collars have been added.

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The padding allows the skater to increase their range of movement. Made with durable and soft microfiber with compact internal padding they offer extra protection and comfort, complementing the anatomical design of the boot.


Our linings are designed to perform in high intensity training sessions over a long period.

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The advances in material technology offer new possibilities in comfort and hygiene. By fully exploring these modern technologies Edea are able to offer you the ultimate in comfort. Materials with the finest threads are selected for softness and then rigorously tested to ensure durability. The new materials are also hyper-allergenic allowing for quicker drying, slowing bacterial build-up and improving boot hygiene.

More comfort – Feel the hug