The technical advances in the sole have been matched with development of the screws. They’re designed specifically for mounting blades on Edea boots, giving superior hold for longer.

Traditional screws have a single thread which means they need to be longer and loosen over time. Our thinner technical soles needed better. We chose new hi-low double helix threaded screws. They increase the ‘bite’ surface making them more efficient with a tighter lock that holds for significantly longer. This means we have been able to shorten the screws while increasing hold and remove the tip for increased safety.
These modern precision engineered screws are made of 100% galvanized steel to protect against the corrosion and rust that are part of the challenge of skates design.

This precision design means that only Edea screws should be used when mounting blades and it’s why we include a set with every pair of boots.
Guide holes should be pre-drilled for accurate mounting and we recommend mounting should only be done by a qualified technician.

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