You push the boundaries demanding more in performance from you and your body.
Edea skates are designed to give you the confidence to do this.

Anti-shock system

Our system increases stability on landing by absorbing and reducing harmful impact vibrations.
This protects joints from impact injury and the body from longer term degeneration.


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Innovative sole system

A non-deformable, anti-torsion and ultra-resistant internal footbed combines with a waterproof sole. Our materials maintain their integrity and prevent both loose screws and blades sinking into the sole.


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Anti-fatigue layer

Incredibly smooth, stress-free workouts are possible because of our combination of two anti-shock vibration dampening materials.

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Our top end models, Piano, Ice Fly, Concerto and Flamenco Ice have an extra layer for smoothness and feel.
The ice is never perfectly smooth and you can feel its ridges when skating.
This then turns into vibrations that cause stress and muscle fatigue. Increased training means increased wear which is why Edea created the dual outer sole for smoother performance and reduced fatigue.
Our Dual Sole reduces the micro stress. The innovative sandwich structure of the outsole, combining two different density materials increases the damping of vibrations for smoother skating and a secure hold for your blades.

Anatomical shell

An anatomical shell means everything is shaped around the foot. This allows for maximum support and comfort to give you the confidence to be better.

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Extensive research has resulted in unique lasts that are able to create a shell that is shaped for genuine comfort without pressure points that work for many different kinds of feet.
By choosing thermoforming materials, the boots can additionally be shaped and adjusted by trained technicians to give an even more perfect fit.
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Stronger, ultra-resistant material improves the hold while designing and positioning increases the comfort.


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Blade mounting screws

Special materials and the double helix improve the grip of the screw in the sole for a safer skating. It allows us to shorten the screw for comfort while increasing hold.


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Choose more confidence

Choosing the right equipment frees your mind and body to perform.