The main issue is how to allow for growth while not compromising performance, control and fun. Edea have worked with our partners and listened to parents to devise the best way of sizing for children.

Although every child’s growth is unique, there are patterns. Using these helps us. Research has shown growth tends to be more during the summer, so sizing and choosing new boots at the start of the skating season is optimal.


From birth, initially the foot grows rapidly and then slows to less than 1 millimeter a month when children are about 10. This means 10mm is generally enough for a year’s growth without affecting performance.


The slightly larger feel at the start of the season can be partly compensated for by using thicker socks. By mid-season, when performance is crucial the boots will be optimal size.


This system gives your child the best advantage as they grow and adjust to new boot and blade sizes, providing a safer experience as they skate and increase their skill level.

Some parents think by purchasing an even bigger size, the skates will last longer. This is not the case and your child could be injured by this false economy.
Infact, purchasing a boot more than 10mm larger will mean one or all of the following:


  • Skating becomes less fun as with less control it is more difficult
  • Learning becomes harder as they struggle against the equipment
  • Performance and success are reduced
  • New boots may be damaged through misuse or compensating for the wrong size
  • Most importantly you risk not only short-term injuries such as blisters but longer-term issues with posture and joints


This is why we recommend no more than 10mm growth room. It gives a season’s growth but keeps the control and performance. It allows them to have fun skating!

Now you know about how to adjust for your child’s size, click back to read more about Measuring and Trying boots on.