E-Spinner – Everything you need to know about this new product!

For 2020 Edea have created a new technical spinner, ideal for the serious skaters to perfect their moves off the ice.

This adds a new dimension to training as skaters can now also practise take offs thanks to its special design and the integrated elastic bands!

As you use it, you will also improve posture, balance and agility while strengthening your body at the same time.
The new E-spinner includes 6 new designs that take the skater to the next level!

  1. Two integrated bands to allow take-off practice and prevent slipping. We advise using the Yellow for single jumps and Red for double or triples.
  2. The rotation point has been moved forward for a more realistic feeling spin
  3. Higher rocker for improved spinning and better balance
  4. The new design reduces friction to increases the speed of spin.
  5. Higher curve profile to feel deep edges
  6. Wider platform for ease of use

It is ideal also for roller skaters as it closely simulates the feel of the edges, especially for those skaters who are seeking to specialize in Roll Art, as well as practicing spins.



Practice jump take offs with your E-spinner.

Practice spins with your E-Spinner