We’ve designed anti-shock to minimize impact, reduce strain, increase stability and absorb ice chatter. Your body is protected and your performance is improved.

Every landing is estimated to generate a force of up to 8 times a skater’s weight. Each jump, in every session in every week adds up to stress on the body. Even without jumping, ice chatter creates mini-stresses.
Edea’s Anti-Shock System is the solution. A new sole design, innovative materials that absorb and disperse the negative energy have massively reduced the harmful impacts and risk of injury.

Noene is an ultra modern rubber that has a unique patented composition that disperses over half the kinetic energy absorbed by the body. Its visco-elasticity has the potential to disperse up to 96% of negative energy and vibrations.

Our most technical boot, Piano, has two integrated layers of Noene, one on the footbed and the other in the sole. But every skater can benefit from anti-shock by adding an Edea Noene undersole to their boots.

Less than 1 mm thick, yet incredibly effective in combating fatigue, pain, inflammation and injury. You can even add to your sneakers. It is 1mm of performance, no skater should be without!

Having picked the best material for shock dispersion, we then looked at shock absorption.
PORON® is an open cell polyurethane offering exceptional anti-shock characteristics. Its slow return memory offers the best absorption to complement Noene dispersion.
PORON® is now integral in the arch and heel of the Impact Innersole, that is standard in the Piano. This is also available separately.

What are the benefits to the Edea Anti-shock system?
• Minimized impact shock protecting you from potential injury
• Absorbed ice chatter for smoother glide and a more solid base
• Increased stability on landings for quicker transitions and jumps
• Reduced strain on ankles, knees, hips and the back

Choose more confidence

Anti-shock makes the difference at every landing.