The perfect boot is nothing without secure lacing. Research has shown the balance between hold and comfort starts with the hooks

Edea hook material

Edea have patented a revolutionary crushproof carbon steel hook. The higher concentration of carbon in our hooks gives superior strength for better hold. The hooks are galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion, and tempered to further improve their strength.

Edea hook design

Having selected superior material, we looked at how to improve design.
By making our hooks wider at the base, longer and with rounded edges we have made lacing both easier and with more hold.

Edea hook placement

The improved design also allows us to reposition the hooks for superior performance. The wider base is sewn inside the edge of the boot’s upper structure. Our hooks are lower to keep laces more secure where you wrap them. By giving the hooks this unique position along the upper, we are able to reduce pressure on the ankles and give you the optimum fit for an improved sense of confidence.

Choose more confidence

Secure lacing so you are a step ahead.