Interview at Kaat Van Daele: what motivates her to train hard every day?

Hi Kaat, how did you first get started in skating, who was you inspiration?

When I was little I could never sleep, I had to much energy.
So the doctor said to my parents that I have to do a lot of sport to get me tired enough so I would be able to sleep.
I started doing a lot of sportscamps in every sport. But the one camp that I loved was the skating camp. I could straight away skate laps on my own and I just turned 5 years old. After a while I was entered in the skating club and so I started.
When there were Europeans or Worlds on Eurosport we recorded it on video tape and all year long I watched the same tapes over and over again! I knew every skater. But my all time favourite and example at the time was Michelle Kwan.

 What motivates you to train hard every day?

I just love to compete in the international competitions, especially Europeans or Worlds. Great atmosphere!
I also like to challenge myself everyday and I love jumping, when I can het the jump high and powerfull.

What do you think about in the few second before the music starts at a competition?

I actually don’t know, I’m most of the time very focussed and I don’t try to think negative or weird things.
I try to concentrate on the elements I have to do.

What do you remember about your first competition?

I loved it! We had no expectations at all and I got the second place. I just thought it was an amazing game 🙂

What and when do you eat before a competition?

I have this weird habit ever since I was younger to always eat spaghetti bolognaise a few hours before competition.
When I got older it could also be some chicken with rice, nothing to heavy.

Katt Off Rink, where’s your favourite city or ice rink? Why?

I have to admit that I love Oberstdorf in Germany for practise. I like the peace that the village gives to the skaters and
the amazing practise hours and good ice! My favourite city in Europe is Barcelona!

Which is Kaat Van Daele favorite ice rink ?

In Belgium it is Hasselt. The ice is good there 🙂
I also love the rink that we skated on in Tokyo for last years worlds, cause it was huge and there could enter a lot of people.
And I love the rink in Dortmund as well, it is very warm and cosy there espacially arround Christmass.

Katt on social… what’s your new years resolution?

It are my last months as a competitive figure skater, and after that I want to help to develop the talent in Belgium
figure skating, so I will be a coach. I hope to achieve the same goals that I had in my competitive career into my coaching career.

Why did you choose Ice Fly, what makes them such a great skate?

I just love how light they are and how comfortable they feel on your foot.
It makes everything look so easy. I also like the design off course with the stones 🙂