Our boots have been designed to accommodate many different shaped feet. Memory foam padding gives the optimal fit, while making small adjustments to suit the majority of feet. Sometimes this is not enough, which is why our performance boots have Instant Custom Fit.

What is the difference between the Edea Instant Custom Fit and a custom-made boot?


Simply, our system is quicker, easier and cheaper.
Traditional custom fit is very expensive and takes much longer and still requires a long break-in.
By using modern thermoformable materials our boots can be adjusted by skilled technicians in your local shop. This saves you time, gives you a better fit and is much cheaper!

When should custom shaping be used?


If your boots feel perfect apart from one area, custom fit allows for narrowing or widening of the boot. This is great news for those of us who have prominent bones, unusual feet or a specific need.

How does it work?


By using thermoformable materials, specific areas can be shaped using focussed heat. Once the shell is adjusted, it is left to cool in your new customized fit. If further adjustments are required later, the process can be repeated.

Who can custom shape my boots?


Adjusting boots is a technical process that requires skill and should be left to technicians.
Do not try to adjust your own boots. Do not put them in an oven. This will damage your boots. Leave your oven for cookies or pizza!

Which models can be shaped with the Instant Custom Fit system?


Overture, Chorus, Concerto, Ice Fly, Piano and Flamenco Ice.
We prefer not to shape our beginner/novice models Tempo, Wave and Motivo.

What are the benefits?


It now means every skater can feel the superior comfort, support and movement of Edea. Performance, feel and control are now for everyone.