We get lots of questions from skaters about lacing, here are the answers to the most frequent questions:

Does it matter if the laces are twisted?

Yes, keep laces flat, do not let them twist as this reduces hold and wears them out.

How often should I change my laces?

Laces do wear out. A fairly active skater may need to swap every month.

Should I change my laces for competition?

Yes, but don’t change laces on competition day. It’s better to allow a few sessions so you can adjust to the different feeling of new laces.

Can I knot my laces to stop them coming out when I undo them?

No, this damages the laces. Simply push the lace tip back into the lace, it is designed for this purpose.

What can I do for emergencies?

Always keep a spare pair of laces in your bag, just in case.

What can I do to make lacing easier?

A lace puller with its retractable hook makes lacing and unlacing easier and quicker. Once you get one, you will wonder how you managed without! Watch the video.

I tape the top of my boots, is there anything else I can do to secure laces?

The Edea Lace Straps are specially designed with an elastic middle to further prevent laces slipping while allowing good knee bend. Simply attach across the middle hooks and tuck your laces away. No more unsightly taping and restricting movement.

What lace length do I need?

This varies for each model and size, use this chart to find the correct size.